Thursday, March 26, 2015

Edible Finger Paint

I've been looking for some fun toddler activities for the kids and edible finger painting was a home run!  It's so simple to make & you probably already have the ingredients you need on hand.

All you need is some yogurt (vanilla since we're adding colors), food coloring (I think the next time we make this we'll pureed fruit for coloring), little bowls for each color you'd like and a whisk to mix the yogurt and coloring.

It literally takes 2 seconds to make which is a plus!
As you may have guessed, things will get a bit messy, so make sure your babe is wearing something you aren't attached to (or if it's warm they could just wear nothing at all).  I like to use our white Carter's onesies for activities like this.  They aren't expensive to replace and you'll likely be able to get any stains out with laundry stain spray.

Before things got too messy ;)

Beckett used his paint to finish decorating some left over cookies from St. Patricks day 

I like to save messy activities like this for bath days.  When we're done I just plop the yogurt covered babes in the tub and call it good!

What are some of your favorite toddler activities? 


  1. Love that idea! That is the only yogurt I eat... It is delicious!

    1. It is my favorite too :) and the kids like it, so that's a plus ;)