Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kitchen Nook Inspiration

anthropologie table runner sold out.  similar here//here

I'm going to start off my saying, this has been the most difficult space to decorate in our entire house.   The simplest way to describe it is uninviting.  We (and our guests) tend to avoid this little space of our home, which is absolutely ridiculous considering the whole point of having a nook is to create a cozy inviting place to eat or converse.  Over the last month I've made it my mission to complete this space and make it the cozy little nook we envisioned while building the house!

Not too long ago we stopped in at a custom upholstery shop and walked out as quickly as we had in once we learned how much it would be to have a bench cushion made.  After eyeing some ready made bench cushions my plan is to order a few and line them up along the bench.  I have to say though, I'm most excited about picking out some fun pillows to spice this space up! 

After scoping out Pinterest (if you don't already, feel free to follow me along here), I found these spaces to be most inspirational.

I love that all of these spaces used pillows instead of a back bench cushion and I love how simple they all are.  It makes decorating seem so much simpler than I had built it up to be in my mind ;) I mean really it's just a few complimentary pillows and the space is good to go!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bath Time

Bath time is without a doubt one of the kids favorite past times.  It's seriously a cure all.  Restlessness before bed, crappy weather,  raspberries smeared through their hair, fussiness... You name it, it can be cured by 20 minutes in the bath.  Having clean kids is just a bonus ;)

Trying out our new Nuby bath products were reason enough for a midday bath!  
The Octopus Ring Toss is too fun!  Beckett was stoked the second I pulled it out of the box.  We set it up on the table and he tossed the rings from the couch.

  Ellia loved splashing it around in the bath and gave the rings a second purpose as teethers ;)

I think what I love most about this toy is that there's no hole in the bottom like most plastic bath toys.  Water can't get trapped inside and create a moldy mildew mess you definitely don't want your babe teething on.

I jumped at the chance to test out the Tear Free Rinse Cup!  When it comes time to wash hair bath time goes from blissful to a complete shit show.  

The kids don't want water or soap on their face or in their eyes so its a battle every time they bathe. 

Ellia avoided the rinse cup at first, but as soon as she realized she didn't have any soap or running water on her face, she went back to playing while I washed her hair.  Seriously, a jaw dropping change from our normal end of bath occurrences.

I can't wait to try it on Beckett... That'll surely put this product to the test ;)

Happy hump day everyone! 

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nuby Review: Tough Teething

Some of you know I've been making some huge changes within my etsy shop.  In the last month we've rebranded from Jumping+Jellybean to Beck & Belle AND as of today, we are officially Beck & Belle, LLC!  

Taking this step has created a lot of extra work on my end and coincidentally, Ellia is in the process of popping 3 molars.  THREE.  Poor girl is miserable.   Aka we're all miserable.  Needless to say, it's been pretty difficult to manage time between teething baby & my growing business.  

Rewind a few weeks.  We recently joined the NUBY family (yay!) and were sent some fun products to test out.  One of which being these adorable fruit teething rings:

While teething, Ellia has a lot of trouble napping and staying asleep & when nap time isn't an option, it's impossible for me to get any work done.  

Over the last two weeks or so I whip these out of the freezer anytime E gets overly fussy & can't nap.  I kid you not, these have bought me as much as an hour of uninterrupted work.  I roll her highchair up to the computer where I'm working, hand her the rings and BOOM, I have at least 30 minutes before I need to come up with another toddler entrancing activity ;) 

I owe 90% of my progress over the last 2 weeks to these sweet rings.  They are literally the only thing soothing my sweet girl and her aching gums!  

I'm all about any product that takes my baby from unhappy & miserable back to her sweet happy self!  If you'd like to give these teether's a try you can get them, here.

& if you're interested in what else Nuby has to offer, check them out on the follow sites :) 

Until next time, Molly 

This is a sponsored post.  All comments and opinions are my own.