Tuesday, March 3, 2015

15 months of Ellia

I I still can't believe our baby is actually a toddler.  & the fact that she's now WALKING (first steps to daddy 2/1/15) makes it all that more real!
Over the month of February Elle Belle popped THREE teeth.  Her 4th bottom tooth and 2 top molars.    She has become much more independent & loves following in the steps of her big brother!

15 Months!

18 lbs

6-12 months and some 12-18 months
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Favorite Foods: 
Banana's are without a doubt your most favorite food.  You can hardly contain your excitement while I'm peeling one for you!  You also love sweet potatoes, just like your brother, waffles and pretty much anything else I put in front of you.  One food you consistently won't eat is avocado.

Favorite Words: 
Mama, Dada, Baba and you love screaming alongside your brother

Favorite Activities: 
Following your big brother around wherever he goes, clapping, 

and you LOVE playing in the big window in our family room. You and Beckett climb up the chair and play with your toys on the window.  You could play there for hours :)

You're also a huge fan of bath time, you would play in the tub all day if I let you

Least Favorite Activities: 
Diaper changes.  We both hate them, actually.  
You don't like having to sit still and I don't like having to wrestle you while I try to change it!  

Favorite Things: 
Your owl!  It's so sweet how much you love and cradle your little owl.  Although you love owl most,  you seem love all of your stuffed animals.  Your toy bin is next to your crib and when I come to get in the am you've generally pulled all your stuffed pals into your crib for a party!

You're appreciating books more & instead of trying to rip or eat them, you're studying their pictures.  You also love helping to turn the page!

You love anything Beckett loves.  His cars, trains, books, shoes, etc.  He's not totally excited about it, but he does share with you so that's something! 

Signature Moves:

You scrunch up your nose & purse your lips when you don't want something and it's pretty darn cute

You also have the infamous grumpy cat frown, again, so damn cute

We have to be home for your bedtime because you absolutely will not sleep anywhere but your own bed.  When it's bedtime you literally throw yourself out of our arms into your crib!  You like your sleep :)

Other Milestones: 

You've started giving kisses and oh my gosh, there aren't words for how sweet it is! You gave me a big unprompted kiss before you went to sleep the other night and I just about burst into tears. You're growing to quickly!

You've started sleeping through the night consistently since we started going to the chiropractor which is a huge plus for mommy & daddy :)

You now have 10 teeth and I'm hoping your next teeth wait a little before making their debut.  We could use a little teething break, us and you!

Other Memorable Moments: 
While I was in the shower your brother took it upon himself to feed the cats and while doing so, decided to feed you too.  (we keep all the cat's stuff in our bathroom to keep it away from the dogs.) Evidently the cat food is pretty damn good, because you try to get in their food container every opportunity you get! 

You love the dogs.  Even more than you love the dogs, you love their kennel.  Seriously, what is it with kids and kennels?!  You lock yourself in the dogs kennel any chance you get.   & Lola is the only one brave enough to stay in there with you while you play.

You called for me by name the first time this month! 

Elle Belle you are growing into such a sweet & loving little lady!  We can't wait to see what the future has in store for you :)  Love you a bushel & a peck, sweet girl!

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