Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sweet Little Ellia is 6 months!

How is it you're already half of a year?  Baby girl, you're growing far too fast!  It feels like just yesterday you were a tiny little newborn!  You're laughing, rolling all around and chatting up a storm!  We look forward to everything the future brings sweet cheeks! 

This is her Marilyn Monroe pose ;)

Weight: 14 lbs (13th percentile)

Height: 24.5" (5th percentile)

Clothing size: Now that she's 6 months, she's fitting in 3-6 month clothing lol 

Diaper size: 2's

Feeding: This month you have really increased your eating habits!  You're eating 4-5 oz at every bottle feeding and cereal at 9 am and at 8 pm! 
5am- 5oz
9am- 1 tbsp cereal, 1 tbsp baby food  (you love all the Ella's pouches!  So far the only thing you're not crazy about is peaches... If I remember correctly, your brother wasn't too big of a fan of these either!) 
11am- 4 oz before 2 hour nap
8-9 pm-  1 tbsp cereal, 1tbsp baby food and a 3 oz bottle

-You're full on belly laughing and I just cannot get enough!
-You were rolling back to tummy first and now your rolling tummy to back... mostly because you hate getting stuck on your stomach ;)
-(also, I should note how active you are while you sleep haha I put you to bed facing one direction on one end of your crib & when I go to check on you, you'll be facing the other way on the opposite end of the crib lol!  Your daddy moves around a lot in his sleep too :))

-Similarly to last month, you are just in awe of your big brother!  You love watching him play and you're starting to interact with him when he tries to play with you!  Just this morning he introduced you to his dinosaur toy and his monster noises that accompanied it sent you into the sweetest giggle!  -Our favorite song to sing is, "I love you a bushel & peck"  we sing it almost every night before bedtime :) You also love our little bug song!  It always pulls a grin! 
-You're starting to love before bed reading as well!  You're wanting to see the pictures just like big brother! 
-You also love chatting the day away, teething on sophie the giraffe, the chirpy flamingo & your colored rings, and bouncing in your jumper!  
-The bouncer is probably your favorite activity at this point :)

-You've recently developed separation anxiety and you're really not a fan of being passed off to an unfamiliar face!  But as long as we're within site, you're generally pretty happy :)  
-Oh, and I should also mention you dislike sleeping in your own bed. As much as I love our snuggles, you are a very active sleeper.  Simply said, daddy and I are very much lacking in the sleep department these days! 

Adventures: Shopping trips ;)   

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: Your reflux medicine.  If I happen to miss a dose, boy do we know it.  It makes for one very unhappy Ellia!  Dr. says you should outgrow it relatively soon!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We have a TWO year old!! Happy birthday, Beckett!

Beckster Bean,  
Happy 2nd birthday baby!!  This year seemed to fly by, yet as I look back I can't help but notice how much you've grown!  You've become an independent little man and your curiosity extends infinitely!  You are truly the most kindhearted and gentle little boy I've had the pleasure of coming across and words cannot describe how proud I am that you are my son.  We are so blessed to call you ours!

Age: 2 years! 

Stats: 24 lbs, 34"

Clothes: 18-24 months.  You're favorite things to wear are car pajamas, t shirts with cars on them, your fedora and your rain boots!  You're also a huge fan of your disney character socks!  I've never seen anyone get as excited about socks, you're just too cute!

Favorite Foods: You have gone from the best eater ever to Mr. Picky!  You still love all fruit, some veggies (like green beans), but your all time favorite food has to be spaghetti and sauce!  You never turn it down :)  You're also really into turkey, mayo and cheese sandwiches, too. 

Favorite Words: You do not have a favorite word... You say yes & no and make a statement on extremely rare occasions!  For now you're a man of few words, but I have a feeling that when you decide to start talking, you'll be talking in complete sentences! 

Favorite Activities: 
-Going for rides in your wagon
-Playing Hide and Seek... which I don't like.  You decide to play at the most random times and then I freak out when I can't find 
-It's completely inappropriate for me to post this as one of your favorite things... But, you love helping pick up dog poop haha not actually picking it up, but pointing out where it is and you make sure we don't forget any!  
-You are all about your new sandbox... If you're playing in the sandbox, you're one happy guy :)
-Basically, if you're outside, you're as happy as can be!

Least Favorite Activities: You don't like having your diaper changed!  
"Beckett, do you have a poopy?"
"Nooooo...." (as he backs up slowly and then turns to run for his life ;))

Favorite Things: You love bubbles, in fact, you just figured out how to blow them yourself!  
You also love your car, train, plane and dinosaur toys; you play with them all daily!  
Coloring has certainly become a favorite past time and this past month is the first time you've decided to take your art to the wall.  
You love to read, we read every night and often during the day as well!  Your favorite books are Goodnight Goon, Five Little Pumpkins, Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, Pat The Bunny (your favorite part is making sniffing noises to smell the flowers), Love Is You And Me, Little Blue Truck, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and I'm sure I'm leaving some out... 

Signature Moves: 
-The "I don't know how that happened..." shrug lol! 
-You are so expressive with your hands! Whenever you're explaining something to us in baby gibberish you use your hands to enunciate so we know just how important your statement is, it's so cute!
- We might just start calling you Mr. Clean instead of Mr. B, you're such an amazing little helper!  You like to wipe down your tray after meals, put trash in the trash can always help by picking up your toys :) 

Mom and Dad's 'Proudest' Moment:  Since we've had your sandbox from grammy and grandpa set up, you've eaten your fair share of sand!  Oh, and your super awesome mama elbowed you in the face on accident!  & somehow I was the only one that ended up in tears over the whole ordeal.

Other Milestones: You love your puzzles and do an amazing job at piecing your alphabet ones together.  I still have to help with rotating and turning over pieces, but you're definitely getting the hang of it! 
You can 100% navigate through our phones  and the iPad... Not so sure that can be classified as a milestone haha
And last but certainly not least, you're in your big boy bed!  The first night was a disaster, the second night you did a little better, but not great, and by the 3rd night you had it down! You didn't cry when I left your room AND you stayed in your bed all night long!  We're so proud of you honey!

Since you've been in your big boy bed, you've been letting yourself out of bed in the morning.  So far I haven't had to worry because you come straight to our room, and snuggle into bed with Daddy, Ellia and I.  Words cannot describe how much I love these morning snuggles!  It's just you and I awake and we sit and giggle about silly things like you making tiger give me kisses for 30 minutes until Daddy and E wake up :)  It's one of the best parts of my day.  I love you Beckett bean!  May this upcoming year be as amazing as the last!