Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Outfit Finds For The Babes

Today has been a complete and total shit show.  I arrived on time at 9 am, the day after day light savings, with 2 kids in tow to an ENT appointment just to find out it's actually scheduled next Monday... So naturally, we hit up Target, got a Starbucks and wasted some time wandering around the Easter section... Where Ellia proceeded to projectile vomit down the aisle.   Hello case of the Mondays.

Now that we're home & both the kids are napping, I'm taking some much needed time to myself.

MR. gave the go ahead on spring shopping so I've been keeping my eye out for deals.  I refuse to buy anything from Jcrew if there's not a sale ($30 for a onesie?? Come on.)  so I fill up my shopping cart and wait for a sale email.  When I get one, I swoop in like the super shopper that I am & get my favs.

Jcrew is probably my favorite place to get onesies.  (surprised? I didn't think so.)  They're always colorful, fun & let's face it, they're so damn cute on their own so you don't really don't even have to pair them up with anything else.  

I also threw a swim suit in this mixup because so far it's the only swim suit I've seen for babes this season that I love.  This one from Jcrew factory is a close second.  I might actually sign E up for baby swim lessons just so she can wear it before Summer!

Recently Beckett's become very aware of the sun.  What I mean is, he LOVES to be outside, but he hates having the sun in his eyes (lately it's been nice enough to play outside in short sleeves, but snow is still melting.  The glare is seriously blinding.)  He has a few pairs of sunnies that I've picked up on sale at Gap, but it seems like they hurt his head and he's constantly adjusting them and having to hold them on his face.  Here's where the Rayban's come in.  While Michael was trying on some new glasses at the mall last month the sales woman whipped out a children's pair and Oh Em Gee.  So damn cute.  They seemed somewhat flexible and they fit B's face like a dream.  I think these will make a great present for birthday #3 :)

I'm a fan of hats for no styling hair days and any shirt with a dog on it is a win in book!

I hope these Spring finds help spruce up your Monday like they did mine ;)

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