I started using oils with no intention of selling BUT I am technically a seller... Why? Because I wanted to purchase my oils at wholesale price.  At Doterra you have to spend $1 a year to stay a wholesale seller and reap the benefits.  
I purchased the starter kit so I could try the most popular of Doterra oils at a fraction of the price.  If you're interested in doing the same, feel free to contact me at mollyealpert@gmail.com or get started on your own here. [go to the bottom of the page and click signup/join]

If you already use oils, I'd love to hear your favorites and remedies you use!  

put one drop in your mascara. 
-stimulates growth
-keeps your lashes hydrated for less breakage
-kills eyelash mites (ew!)

I noticed a difference in my lashes just two weeks after adding a drop into my mascara.  My lashes aren't anything to brag about, but it's amazing that I don't have to worry about breaking them while washing my face anymore.  They were so dry and brittle and whenever I wore mascara I had to cover up bald spots by manipulating my lashes.  Not anymore :) 

Both Beckett and Ellia LOVE this oil.  I put a drop on the bottom of their feet every night. Whether or not it actually soothes them is beyond me, but they love having it as a part of their routine and they go to bed easier when we use it.  Without prompting him to, Beckett takes a deep breath in after I've applied it to his feet because he loves the scent that much (vanilla and lavender).  On nights that kids are hyped up and not ready for bed at bedtime, I put it their diffusers to help them calm before bed.  Again, whether it's actually soothing to them I don't know.  What I do know is that it helps them know it's time to wind down and get ready for bed. 

We have 6 pets.  SIX.  Our house gets all kind of dusty and I vacuum regularly.  None the less, having pets can be a bit stinky so I decided to give this oil a try.  I put 6 drops in a spray bottle, fill it up with water & use as a fabric freshener on our furniture & blankets when needed.  Beckett thinks this is the funnest thing ever, so I generally give him the spray bottle and let him go wild.

About once a month I make this mixture to sprinkle over my carpet before vacuuming:
Baking soda
Purify Oil

Sounds hard, huh? ;)  
Find yourself a jar or an old plastic container to to put them in.

I chose a large jar and used a screw driver to make to holes in the lid.  You don't have to do this, you can just sprinkle on the floor without the lid.  I prefer the lid so I don't 'sprinkle' more than I meant to. 

All you need to do is pour some baking soda in, put 5 drops in, poor more baking soda, put 5 drops in, repeat until you have the jar as full as you'd like.  Or you could just fill it the whole way and not have to make another batch for a while. 

You can adjust how many drops you put in based on your preferences.  Shake the jar so it's well mixed.  Sprinkle over your carpet, let sit for 10 min. Vacuum.  
I love how fresh it leaves everything smelling :)  & it feels like spring cleaning every time you vacuum haha

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