Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nuby Review: Tough Teething

Some of you know I've been making some huge changes within my etsy shop.  In the last month we've rebranded from Jumping+Jellybean to Beck & Belle AND as of today, we are officially Beck & Belle, LLC!  

Taking this step has created a lot of extra work on my end and coincidentally, Ellia is in the process of popping 3 molars.  THREE.  Poor girl is miserable.   Aka we're all miserable.  Needless to say, it's been pretty difficult to manage time between teething baby & my growing business.  

Rewind a few weeks.  We recently joined the NUBY family (yay!) and were sent some fun products to test out.  One of which being these adorable fruit teething rings:

While teething, Ellia has a lot of trouble napping and staying asleep & when nap time isn't an option, it's impossible for me to get any work done.  

Over the last two weeks or so I whip these out of the freezer anytime E gets overly fussy & can't nap.  I kid you not, these have bought me as much as an hour of uninterrupted work.  I roll her highchair up to the computer where I'm working, hand her the rings and BOOM, I have at least 30 minutes before I need to come up with another toddler entrancing activity ;) 

I owe 90% of my progress over the last 2 weeks to these sweet rings.  They are literally the only thing soothing my sweet girl and her aching gums!  

I'm all about any product that takes my baby from unhappy & miserable back to her sweet happy self!  If you'd like to give these teether's a try you can get them, here.

& if you're interested in what else Nuby has to offer, check them out on the follow sites :) 

Until next time, Molly 

This is a sponsored post.  All comments and opinions are my own. 


  1. sweet girl, teething is NO JOKE. Not looking forward to that again ;)