Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bath Time

Bath time is without a doubt one of the kids favorite past times.  It's seriously a cure all.  Restlessness before bed, crappy weather,  raspberries smeared through their hair, fussiness... You name it, it can be cured by 20 minutes in the bath.  Having clean kids is just a bonus ;)

Trying out our new Nuby bath products were reason enough for a midday bath!  
The Octopus Ring Toss is too fun!  Beckett was stoked the second I pulled it out of the box.  We set it up on the table and he tossed the rings from the couch.

  Ellia loved splashing it around in the bath and gave the rings a second purpose as teethers ;)

I think what I love most about this toy is that there's no hole in the bottom like most plastic bath toys.  Water can't get trapped inside and create a moldy mildew mess you definitely don't want your babe teething on.

I jumped at the chance to test out the Tear Free Rinse Cup!  When it comes time to wash hair bath time goes from blissful to a complete shit show.  

The kids don't want water or soap on their face or in their eyes so its a battle every time they bathe. 

Ellia avoided the rinse cup at first, but as soon as she realized she didn't have any soap or running water on her face, she went back to playing while I washed her hair.  Seriously, a jaw dropping change from our normal end of bath occurrences.

I can't wait to try it on Beckett... That'll surely put this product to the test ;)

Happy hump day everyone! 

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