Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Planning Ellia's First Birthday

It's hard to believe my little Ellie Bean is going to be ONE.  Good gracious time flies!

My extent of party planning hasn't gone further than her outfit:

headband//skirt//fur vest from ON, sold out online check out target or zara for similar vests//moccs

As of now, I think her party colors will be pink, white, and assorted metallics.  I'll share more as I come up with it :) 

I've got a better handle on the gift front!  I'm not one for adding more clutter to the house (I swear toys multiply while we sleep) so I've picked out a few somewhat practical gifts for our girl:

moover baby carriage:  I had hoped to reuse the wooden walker we bought for Beckett BUT it broke and shortly after was recalled, so that was a bust.  I like that this doubles as a toy to care for dolls/stuffed animals as well as a walker.  My hope is that she'll love this for years to come... and she certainly better for the price ;)  (if you follow us on IG you know we've already broken into this gift... oops!)

mini melissa kitty shoes:  I've been eyeing these adorable shoes since long before miss E was born... or maybe it just feels that long since I've wanted them so badly.  We haven't purchased them yet, *cough* Mom & Sally *cough*  just kidding, kind of ;)

doll: Because she obviously needs a doll to put in her carriage! 

I'm sure we'll pick out a few more things before her big day, I'm never opposed to adding more books to our collection and that seems to be a gift staple at our house.  Any recommendations are appreciated :)

Happy Hump Day, Molly 


  1. So glad I have a girl after reading this. Love her & you!

  2. I found the blog via Instagram and I love it!! I've got a little boy but I love seeing all the girlie ideas in case our next one is a girl. Your little one is absolutely gorgeous :D

    Summer Ann

  3. I also found this blog very informative and now it is easy for party planning, earlier I always hired a planner for even birthday parties. Thanks for sharing your great thoughts and Your kids looks cute in this white dress.