Thursday, September 18, 2014

10 months of Ellia

I spy 2 toofies!

Weight: I literally have no idea... still haven't gone to our 9 month appointment

Height: ^

Clothing size: 6-12 months!  And 3-6 in pants. You have absolutely no hips like mommy.

Diaper size: 3's


6 oz at 7 am
fruit puffs & sometimes yogurt (which you absolutely love!) between 8-9
nap 9-11
veggies and a squeezie when you get up between 11 & 12
6 oz bottle when you go back down for a nap at 3 
Dinner when you get up around 5 (you get little pieces of what we're having and a squeezie packet)

-In the last two days (9/16/14) you've graduated from the army crawl to real crawling!  Such a big girl!
-Pulling yourself up!
-Eating real food (like cut up noodles, veggies, etc.) When we're eating, you want to be eating.
-You say mama, baba, and dada :)

-Your brother is you idle!  You adore him more than I could put into words :)  

-You love playing in your room & I love playing dress up while playing in your room... 
-Morning cuddles are also a favorite!  You and B lay in bed watching Bubble Guppies while I feed Cats and Feed/Take Out Dogs
-Speaking of the cats & dogs, you also love them!  You're constantly trying to get your hands on them... but they're smart enough to know that if they get too close they'll lose a tuffet of hair.
-Sleeping in YOUR bed.  Unlike your brother, you absolutely will not fall asleep anywhere but your own bed.  That doesn't mean you don't end up in our room later... You just favor your own bed.
-You love to do your own thing.  What I mean by this is that you HATE your jumperoo, pack & play or another contraption that's supposed to keep you confined in a certain space.  You want freedom.  So not ready for this!

little hip squeaks headband

Diaper changes... & teething.  We're about to pop a top tooth and let me tell you, when Ellia ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

We went to the mall to pick out daddies birthday gift & ended up buying you your big girl carseat! (enter sob here) We also went on dinner dates & a birthday party for one of Beckett's friends.

You're also pretty set on having adventures on your own... In fact, you are without a doubt the most busy little babe I've ever met.  You literally do not sit still, ever.  Even when you're sleeping you're in action.  So basically, I'm convinced you are going to be a sports star of some kind ;)

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: Naptime & highlands teething tablets.

  Ellia Bell, we love you more than we could ever put into words!  Your sweet bubbly personality never fails to shine!  We're so blessed to call you ours! 


  1. I seriously just die over her outfits and her smile, SO SWEET.

  2. She has the most beautiful blue eyes!! What a little doll baby!

  3. Gosh she is such a doll! We also don't like diaper changes OR teething.. I have a few choice words for teething ;)

  4. Such a beauty like her mama.