Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Fun!

Halloween has long been my favorite holiday, not just for the fun that it entails itself, but for the fact the it's the beginning of Fall/Winter festivities :)

Beckett is finally old enough to enjoy all that Halloween has to offer and it's Ellia's very first Halloween, making this year all the more fun!  

Friday we went to a Halloween party where Beckett premiered this years costume, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective!  He hated the tutu... I may have bribed him with a jellybean or two to keep it on for pictures.

The beach shirt and cut off shorts are from baby gap a while ago, we used a plain white tee from H&M and used a homemade tutu.  We used gorilla snot for his hair, it worked like a charm... In fact, 2 washings later & it's still holding its grip lol 

Ellia wore this lion costume that Beckett wore for his first Halloween :)   


Saturday we ventured to Boo At The Zoo, it was too much fun!

Paper!... Snow!... A GHOST!!
Ellia is wearing a white glitter headband, a Carters onesie and a homemade tutu.  So simple, yet so cute :)

Beckett had a run in with our coffee table right before we left... the welt on his forehead just adds to the costume, right?

Note to self: if you go to the zoo late enough, you get free beer & pretzels. (win!)

We can't wait for pumpkin carving/painting, cookie decorating, hocus pocus watching & of course taking the kids trick or treating!  What are you all doing to celebrate this week?


  1. I just love your sweet family. Your husband looks like he's a funny guy;)

  2. I can't get enough of the ace Ventura costume! How creative and awesome:)

  3. Love the Ace Ventura costume, that is SO cute. Haha And Ellia makes such a sweet little lion. :)

  4. I showed my husband the ace costume and he lost it.. so cute!! and love Ellia!!

  5. His costume is seriously the BEST! So original