Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bits Of Beckett

Beckett update: May-September 2014

Captain Underpants... [gap undies]

sweetest little smile [carters jammies]

(Lola has stolen all 3 of your mini white tigers and ripped their eyes out 
[yes we replaced that damn tiger twice] 
so we bought you this giant tiger that is bigger than Lola and now she is physically unable to steal it from you)
You thought we were the coolest for letting you get it at the zoo :)

I have to say, this is the most challenging yet most rewarding age thus far!  Some days I'm surprised I make through without sprouting a grey hair (or 50) and others I push back bedtime just so we can enjoy your sweet little self a while longer!

sasspants [top from childhoods on etsy]

You took it upon yourself to spruce up our furniture with sharpie.  I was less than enthused.

When you get up in the morning I can hear you sleepily shuffle down the hallway to our room where you then crawl in to bed for morning snuggles.  Sometimes we all fall back asleep for another hour, other mornings we turn on cartoons.  As we lay in bed you always play with my hair, sometimes lay your head on my chest & on many occasions, pet your sisters head.  It's pretty darn sweet!

Some nights you decide to sneak out of bed.  Where do you end up?  In the dogs bed.  I've woken up to you asleep on the dog bed outside our bedroom door on a multitude of occasions.  You're such a goofball!

Watching you walk on your heels across the cold tile is one of the cutest things ever.  It never fails to give us a laugh :)

You imitate many of our dogs behaviors... Liking drinking out of the water bowl, chomping at the rush of air when the window's down in the car, spinning in a circle when you're excited for something (mainly your milk first thing in the morning), and once I even caught you lick a dirty plate in the dishwasher in imitation of Charlie.  Boys will be boys ;)

Picking out your socks is a very important part of your morning... I honestly don't believe you've ever picked a matching pair.  I love seeing your face light up after you've chosen which ones you want the day :)  Always remember, it's the little things!

[shirt from IG shop, I forget which one... if you recognize it please let me know who makes it so I can give credit :)]

You love to be outside, LOVE.  We've been making early morning trips to the park a few times a week and I'm convinced that's your favorite part of the day :)

You're back to your Hunters.  It always makes me smile when I check on you during nap time and you've gotten up to put your boots on before falling asleep!

You're great at sharing with your sister & it's truly heart melting.  You hand her toys and if she doesn't seem to want them, you'll find another to offer in its place.  Sometimes you even share a cars or tractors, but you generally keep those for yourself.  My jaw dropped when I saw you hand her your excavator yesterday...

On the weekends you and daddy spend time working together in the yard, you love helping clean up mowed grass and pointing out all the dog poop that needs to be picked up.

If you don't like a situation, food, or anything else, you make a face, shake your head and say, "Blech!"

When we or someone else is leaving you make sure to give them a pound and then a high five... and if they don't leave immediately after you do it, you do it again and again!

You do your best to be a helper every time we go shopping.  You love taking things off shelves and handing said items to a sales associates... which I'm sure they really appreciate ;)

A few more things about you:
-You make sure to cheers with someone before indulging in a drink.

-You love to pretend you're a monster, "RAWR" (thank you Monster's Inc. ;))
-A FEW of your favorite books are Five Little Pumpkins, Good Night Goon, The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid Of Anything, Steam Train Dream Train, Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, & Peek A Who?   You always bring us a stack to read before bedtime & I love it!
-Tickling other people makes you laugh harder than being tickled yourself.

-You absolutely adore your kitten, Knox.  You give her hugs and kisses all day long.  & I think she loves you as much as you love her :)
-You're the most stubborn individual I've ever met.  You can talk.  You choose not to, except for special occasions.  ITS MAKING ME CRAZY

go bronco's! 

-You treat Ellia like a princess.  You pick out toys for her, make sure to choose a few of her books for us to read before bedtime in addition to your own, and you give her hugs and kisses when she's sad.  You've far exceeded our expectations as a big brother!

-You've been pooping on the potty sporadically for months... you refuse to pee on the potty.  You find it much more entertaining to pee on the floor and watch me freak and try to run you to the potty.  Of course once we get there, you're always done.  Stinker.

Beckett, I could not have asked for a more wonderful son.  You're so kindhearted, the best big brother to your little sister and truly just a gentle soul :)  We love you beyond the moon!


  1. I totally love his mischievous pictures and that he loves his sister so much!! You have such a sweet family!

  2. Adorable pictures! Beckett has quite the personality ;). I have a 2 year old too so I know... if its too quiet they are up to something. Jack will pee on the potty (like daddy) but refuses to poo! Your little Ella is too cute for words. She is so lucky to have a great older brother to look after her!

  3. Seriously could they be any cuter!! So adorable!

    - Summer Ann