Sunday, June 29, 2014

Baby Closet Staples

We all have our go to outfits for our babes.  Here's mine :)  I think this look works for both boys and girls.  For girls, accessorize with a bow, for boys accessorize with a baseball hat or beanie :)

White Carters Onesie Pack// I love these.  So simple.  Unisex.  Can be bleached... They're just an all around win :)  Like I said above pair them with some cute leggings & a bow or hat and you're good to go!

Jcrew Leggings// $12 might seem like a lot for leggings, but I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  Buy these a size up.  The elastic in these leggings is the best out of any I've tried. They're also meant to be quite fitted, so basically, they'll fit your babe twice as long if you use this little rule as guidance. 

Added bonus, these leggies don't lose their elasticity like other leggings we've tried and we've worn and washed them all A LOT  :)

[here Ellia is wearing our new Pale Gold Glitter Bow on velvet elastic]

Next we accessorize with a glamorous bow.  I'm obviously biased towards our Jumping and Jellybean glitter bows :)  If you buy a neutral color like gold, pale gold, silver, or white, the headband can be worn with just about anything!

If you need a cute hat and not a bow, easy has lots of fun beanies for boys :)  You can also find cute hats at H&M, Old Navy & Gap! 

So simple, so easy & so cute :)

Happy Sunday sweet friends! 


  1. I've never bought a pack of white onesies! I must! Also thanks for the tip about the leggies! Do you buy yours online? Love her!

  2. j.crew is the bomb! LOVE her!