Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ellia is 8 months

Weight: I'm guessing around 15-16 lbs?

Height: We'll find out next month :)

Clothing size: 3-6 months, but I'm desperately trying to make some 6-12 month outfits fit! I splurged at jcrew last spring and I'm dying for her to wear her cute new onesies :)

Diaper size: 3's

5 am: 5 oz
8-9 am: fruit and sometimes you finish off a 2 oz bottle in addition
11 am: 5 oz bottle before your nap.
12-1 pm: lunch is generally a mixture of yogurt, fruit, puffs and/or rice crackers 

Your favorite foods are pears and sweet potatoes, you also love your mum mum crackers and Ella's biscuits :)

You're going to be crawling before we know it :)  You're desperately trying to follow your brother around as it is, but at the moment you've settled for rolling around rooms.  Time to start baby proofing again!

(I've been looking for a new baby walker, we bought this from babies r us & it is literally falling apart, hence the recall.  I have my eye on this.  Do any of you mama's have a walker you recommend?)

-Being tickled
-Playing peek-a-boo with Beckett.  I swear nothing makes you laugh harder than Beckett popping out of nowhere yelling, "Boo!"
-Your ballerina bunny.  She's your snuggle buddy.

-Talking to your stuffies including the bunny above & your favorite kitty.
-You love getting your hands on any of your brothers toy cars. (which he's generally okay with as long as you don't get a hold on his beloved Lightening Mcqueen.)
- You also love the dogs and are constantly trying to pet them, but they know better and stay away so they don't lose a tuffet of fur from your super baby grab ;)
-I believe I mentioned last month you love your jumper & it is still a favorite around here!

Your little personality has bloomed so much over the last month and nothing makes me happier than to see what a happy, loving little lady you're becoming :)

For the most part, you're one happy babe :) But you're not a fan of having to 'wait' for your meals.  Watching me gather your spoon, bowl and whatever it is we're having can send you over the edge!  When you are ready to eat, you want your food right then and there ;)

We took you to Water World for mama's birthday :)  You also went on a fun shopping trip with mommy and Grammy Sally!  We picked out some cute new outfits for you to wear this Fall.  (seriously excited about this adorable Oh Baby onesie we got, it's too cute!)

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: Naptime!  

You're growing so quickly Miss E!  More and more personable and more and more sweet :)  We love you so much sweet girl! 

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