Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Nuby Review: Sippy Cup

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!          

This morning I'm back with another Nuby review, possible my favorite thus far ;) 

I think we've bought and tried just about every sippy cup out there.  So many leak, break, or for some unknown reason, the kids don't like it. 

As soon as I pulled the Nuby No Spill Soft Spout out of the packaging, Ellia was all over it.  Girlfriend loves the color (she's such a girly girl already!)  

Unlike other spouted sippies we've tried, we didn't have to wear down the spout to get her drink flowing smoothly.  With other cups I've purchased the kids get so fed up (or I get frustrated enough to cut a hole big enough to drink out of), because until you wear in the spout a little bit,  fluid does not flow smoothly.

This might be the 'easiest to clean' sippy cup we own.  I generally purchase straw sippies.  Those are a bitch to clean... Especially if you forgot it in the car over the weekend and you have milk turned cheese stuck in it.  I love that I can put a little dish soap in the Nuby cup, shake it up, rinse, and I'm good to go in a rush.

Probably the biggest pro of this cup is that it doesn't leak, at all.  Even after being thrown from Ellia's high chair onto our tile floor countless times!  Because of this, the Nuby No Spill Soft Spout is the only sippy I will bring in the car.

Basically, we loved this sippy so much that we went out & bought another! 
If you'd like to try this cup for yourself you can find it here.
Thank you, Nuby, for another wonderful product! 

If you're interested in what else Nuby has to offer, check them out on the follow sites :) 

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  1. I LOOOOOOVE the fact that Nuby has the no spill feature! And I love that this looks so pretty too!