Thursday, June 25, 2015

18 months of Ellia

It seems absolutely unbelievable that you're already 18 months old!  You're walking, taking on your brothers old puzzles and doing everything in your power to keep up with him! 

 Like Beckett, you're pretty quiet and seem to be taking in as much as possible before you decide to verbalize your thoughts.  Also like Beckett, you are very expressive with your hands and instead of asking for things, you express your needs with your hands, or even do what you need on your own!

You LOVE our pets and you LOVE trying to lock yourself in the kennel with them.  You sneak their food every chance you get, sometimes for yourself & sometimes for them.

You are the definition of a spit fire!  We were out to dinner one night and a woman stopped me as we were walking out.  She said, "You've got your hands full with that one!"  I replied that yes, you are a very spirited child and the woman smiled and stated, "All the best girls are."  Truer words have never been spoken ;)

Changing your diaper requires the skill of a professional acrobat.  If I don't strategically have your diaper in within 2 seconds, you're ready to roll.  Sitting still is something you don't care to reconcile with!

You've also recently decided you don't like being restrained in your carseat.  Which makes for some rather unenjoyable car rides.  When Ellia ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Your favorite food:  BANANA.  You would eat banana's for every meal of every day if I'd let you!  & you eat them in record time.  It's practically a magic trick.

You live for bath time and love to splash around with Beckett!  We're hoping you love the pool as much as the bath ;)

You are the sweetest snuggler, ever! You bring all your favorite dolls and stuffed animals before you crawl into our bed 

Milestones Worth Mentioning:

You're a little peanut (19.5 lbs) and you just out grew your 6-12 month outfits.

You just popped your 4th molar and you now have 12 teeth in all!  I got to count them after you sunk them into my shoulder about a month back.  Stinker.

You outgrew your very first pair of shoes.  Truth be told, you probably outgrew them some time ago... but the leather has grown with your feet a little and I got about an extra month out of them ;)

& while we're on the topic of shoes, you LOVE shoes.  You get really frustrated trying to put them on and already pick out the pair you want.  In fact, if I select a different pair of shoes for you to wear after you've got your hands on a pair, you'll throw a hell of a fit.  I thought I had some time before you started picking out your outfits lol

The words you use most are:  "mama" "dada" "b" "wow" & "boo".  As I mentioned above, you're pretty quiet and you only speak when you want to.

You are my all star sleeper!  You go down at 7:30, wake at 7:30, Nap from 10-12 and then from 3-5.  And just like mama, you don't like having your sleep interrupted.  You're also very stubborn and refuse to sleep anywhere but your own bed. 

You and Beckett LOVE the zoo!

You love pointing at the animals and getting to walk with Beckett from exhibit to exhibit, 

but your favorite part of the day is the carousel. You would ride it all day if I'd let you! 

You also went to the museum and had your first adventure at the pool! 

Ellia Belle, we love you more each day!  Your spunky personality is one of a kind and you keep us on our toes each and every day.  It's such a joy to watch you grow into the beautiful little lady you're destined to be :)


  1. She is so gorgeous Molly!! I can't believe 18 months already! And two naps still, wowee that's lucky! Wes is trying to drop down to one now already! Xo!!!

  2. eeek! that pink flamingo kills me. I love it. and they have the SWEETEST smiles! Yay for zoo trips too. I'm too scared to do them on my own though haha.