Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Beckett's THREE

Our sweet Beckett Bean is 3 years old! 

Since starting preschool in January you've become much more talkative!  Which is a bit of a relief for us.  Honestly, it felt like you would never talk.  You can sound out the whole alphabet and you recognize letters on packaging.  But "A" is always "Apple", for example:  "C" "R" "APPLE" "Y" "O" "L" "APPLE", it's pretty cute! 

You are fricken counting.  You count out our breakfast in the morning, (5 waffles, 3 sausages, 6 berries, etc).  The first time you told me, "Mommy, there's 4! 1 2 3 4!"  My jaw dropped.  Better thank daddy, you certainly don't get your math skills from me ;) 

All of your little phrases are pretty damn cute:

"Love You" is "Ove Jew!"

You always say "YEP!" instead of "Yes" & you just recently started pronouncing "NO" with a "N" instead of a "B".

You call me "Mommy" unless you're feeling insistent, in which case I am, "MoooooooM!"  Daddy is always "Dad" or "Daddy" and you call Ellia, "Ewle", "Ewwie" or "Belle Belle".

As of late, you've picked up on manners.  You always say, "ank jew, mommy" after I give you something & my inner mama is oh so proud!

Whenever you want berries, which is every day, you ask for "jupe jews"... I have no idea where that came from!

You've started calling your grandparents by name and Grandma Jonna is now, "Joosh", Grandma Sally is "GaGa", and Grandpa Scott is "Grappa".

Our dogs are "Lolo" "CharChar" "BellBell" (which is often confused with "Belle Belle" on my end) & Chew.  You call both the cats "Meows" and only sometimes refer to Knox by name.

Every time you gas you stop in your tracks, laugh & say "Beck tooted!"  It's so adorable!

Some other things you love:

You LOVE puzzles and your most recent favorite is constructing things with your magnatiles!  It's amazing to watch your mind expand and see what you construct each time you play with them!

We generally pick a movie to watch each day for quiet time while Ellia naps.  Your favorites are Toy Story, Cars, Scooby Doo, & Planes.  Although you change it up every now and then and choose my fav, Peter Pan ;)

There isn't a word to describe your love for books!  You LOVE to read.  You'd have us read you your entire shelf of books every night if you had the choice!  It's hard for me to pick your favorites, because you really love them all.  But if I had to choose your fav's, They would be Room On The Broom, Little Blue Truck, and you've recently started to love the Ispy collection!  We picked up 'Goodnight Yoga' a few weeks back and it's become apart of our nightly routine.  You ask for "Oga" every night!

Some other sweet moments:

02/15 We came down with a cold this week and it made us all pretty stuffed up.  So whenever Beckett calls for me his congestion turns it to, "BOB!" Mom, Bob, who knows the difference! lol!

02/15 We've now entered the "why?" stage.  

Me: Beckett, get your jammies! 
Beckett: why?
Me: because it's bedtime..
Beckett: why?
Me: because the sun went down.
Beckett: why?
Me: because the earth is rotating.
Beckett: why?
Me: because that's how the solar system works.
Beckett: huh.

He then walks away to get his pajamas, lol

Beckett loves to help me make waffles first thing in the morning.  He asks to make them every. single. day.  Michaels over it, but I love using them as transportation for syrup, so I'm always in.  As B & I make waffles he says "wee!" As he pours each ingredient into the bowl, I can't help but laugh!

You called me "mommy" for the very first time 3/6/15.

When we went to Vail in March I turned the TV on for you while we brought in and started unpacking bags.  The menu screen was different than at home and you ran up to it & tried to use it as a touch screen.  You even had the concierge laughing!

3/25/15 Your favorite word is now cookie.  And I've realized that all I have to do to get you to eat something is to call it a cookie... Last night you ate spaghetti with spinach & kale after I used this tactic... I wonder how long this will last! 


"Beckett did you pee all over the floor?!"
Beckett as proud as can be, " YEP!"
(added note:  you were 100% potty trained before 3.  no more nighttime diapers, no more pull-ups. something I never thought would happen before 4!)

You LOVE to be outside. LOVE. 

"Dono's" have become a weekend tradition.  If there's donuts involved, you're in!

Looking handsome for Valentines day at school

You fight naps like crazy, which often results in you crashing in some odd places!

Sweet Beckett, you continue to amaze us every day!  We are so blessed to be your parents and literally cannot imagine life without you in it!  You are such a generous soul, always sharing your toys, candy, snacks, etc with Ellia, your friends and even new faces.  You show compassion towards animals, friends and even random folks we meet out.  Your curiosity is baffling & you're constantly problem solving and creating new things, whether it be drawing, building, or molding.  (it won't be a surprise if you go into the family business of home building ;)  You are destined to be great, my love!  We love you and cannot wait to see what's in store for year number 3! 

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