Monday, February 23, 2015

Spring Dreaming

Spring sales have officially flooded my email and I was pretty much drooling while scrolling through all the new kid clothing at Jcrew.  If only my wallet was as loaded as my email.  Since it's not, I'll share my fav's with you lovely people!

I'm pretty smitten by everything tutu du monde.  I just need to find a way to convince the MR that Ellia absolutely cannot go on without a $150 dress.  I'm no phsycic, but I'm sensing it's not going to go over well... ;)

& that haltered romper?  I just can't.  I'm determined to find one similar on etsy!

I'm clearly also all over neon coral, but who isn't this time of year?!

And for the little mister:

I'm a sucker for skinny jeans and I think toddlers are the absolute cutest in them! Beckett's also really into adding accessories to his outfits.  Whether it be a stellar pair of shades or a baseball cap, he likes to pick his own outfit accents.  Which is why I added those suspenders... B doesn't have any and I think he would love them!

I'm also loving all the prints I've seen on boys button downs.  I LOVE pairing a collared button down with a graphic tee.  So basically what I'm saying is, you can never have too many graphic tees or button downs, because the options are endless (and really frickin cute).

And that's about it!  Happy Monday everybody!

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