Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sweet Little Ellia is 6 months!

How is it you're already half of a year?  Baby girl, you're growing far too fast!  It feels like just yesterday you were a tiny little newborn!  You're laughing, rolling all around and chatting up a storm!  We look forward to everything the future brings sweet cheeks! 

This is her Marilyn Monroe pose ;)

Weight: 14 lbs (13th percentile)

Height: 24.5" (5th percentile)

Clothing size: Now that she's 6 months, she's fitting in 3-6 month clothing lol 

Diaper size: 2's

Feeding: This month you have really increased your eating habits!  You're eating 4-5 oz at every bottle feeding and cereal at 9 am and at 8 pm! 
5am- 5oz
9am- 1 tbsp cereal, 1 tbsp baby food  (you love all the Ella's pouches!  So far the only thing you're not crazy about is peaches... If I remember correctly, your brother wasn't too big of a fan of these either!) 
11am- 4 oz before 2 hour nap
8-9 pm-  1 tbsp cereal, 1tbsp baby food and a 3 oz bottle

-You're full on belly laughing and I just cannot get enough!
-You were rolling back to tummy first and now your rolling tummy to back... mostly because you hate getting stuck on your stomach ;)
-(also, I should note how active you are while you sleep haha I put you to bed facing one direction on one end of your crib & when I go to check on you, you'll be facing the other way on the opposite end of the crib lol!  Your daddy moves around a lot in his sleep too :))

-Similarly to last month, you are just in awe of your big brother!  You love watching him play and you're starting to interact with him when he tries to play with you!  Just this morning he introduced you to his dinosaur toy and his monster noises that accompanied it sent you into the sweetest giggle!  -Our favorite song to sing is, "I love you a bushel & peck"  we sing it almost every night before bedtime :) You also love our little bug song!  It always pulls a grin! 
-You're starting to love before bed reading as well!  You're wanting to see the pictures just like big brother! 
-You also love chatting the day away, teething on sophie the giraffe, the chirpy flamingo & your colored rings, and bouncing in your jumper!  
-The bouncer is probably your favorite activity at this point :)

-You've recently developed separation anxiety and you're really not a fan of being passed off to an unfamiliar face!  But as long as we're within site, you're generally pretty happy :)  
-Oh, and I should also mention you dislike sleeping in your own bed. As much as I love our snuggles, you are a very active sleeper.  Simply said, daddy and I are very much lacking in the sleep department these days! 

Adventures: Shopping trips ;)   

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: Your reflux medicine.  If I happen to miss a dose, boy do we know it.  It makes for one very unhappy Ellia!  Dr. says you should outgrow it relatively soon!

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