Monday, March 24, 2014

Beckett's 20 & 22 Month Updates :)

Age: 20 Months!

Stats: 23.2 lbs

Clothes: 12-18 months and a few 18-24 

Favorite Foods: Waffles, peanut butter sandwiches, banana's, peas, green beans, blue berries and we made the mistake of introducing you to gatorade... Now if I want to drink gatorade, I have to do it during nap time otherwise you insist upon having some and carry the bottle around to make sure that if it is opened, you get a sip.  Goofball :)

Favorite Words: You're still being stubborn when it comes to talking.  You say what you want, when you want and won't repeat anything back to us, but you are speaking a phrase!  You say, "what's this?"  about 100 times a day :)  You're one curious little boy.

Favorite Activities: Gramma Jonna brought over Uncle Tait's old Thomas the train set and you LOVE them!  The train set has quickly become a favorite, along with your lego's, giant building legos, going outside to play and you've taken on an even stronger interest in reading! 

Least Favorite Activities: You've started fighting your bedtime, big time.  Unless you know everyone else in the house is going to bed too, you want nothing to do with it! 

Favorite Things: Uncle Tait's old Thomas the train set, your legos, giant building blocks, anything that is a car or has a car on it, and you love reading your books!  Your favorite book right now is Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site :)  You also love your stuffy who's now called Tigee and your blankie.

Signature Moves: 
-You have absolutely blown us away in your role as a big brother!  I would say your most signature moves are holding your sisters' hand, rubbing her belly to console her when she cries, and giving her kisses on her forehead :) 
-Whenever the doorbell rings you stop what your doing, scream, and then run to the front door with your arms reached for the sky, it's adorable!
-You like to help yourself to snacks from the pantry if I'm taking too long
-You are very expressive with your hands when you talk.  You literally cannot speak a statement without using your hands to enunciate in some way haha 
-After lunch you love to run up to mommy & daddy's room & snuggle into our bed before nap time :)  In fact, if you just so happen to disappear at any point during the day, I know I can find you snuggled up there :)
-You are OBSESSED with your rain boots.  If you see them at any point during the day you have to put them on, it's so cute! 
-You are a clean freak, just like momma!  If someone leaves dishes out, that are within your reach, you make sure to bring them to me so I can put them in the dishwasher haha  You also enjoy reorganizing your special cabinet in the kitchen by lining up all the cups and bowls, goof!

Mom's 'Proudest' Moment: You ate dog food on my watch... It was so GROSS! 

Dad's 'Proudest' Moment: Daddy forgot to lock the front door and without missing a beat, you opened the door and walked right out into the driveway.  Luckily, we both were there to make sure you didn't get into any trouble! 

Other Milestones: You love your puzzles and do an amazing job at piecing your alphabet ones together.  I still have to help with rotating and turning over pieces, but you're definitely getting the hang of it! 
You can 100% navigate through our phones  and the iPad... Not so sure that can be classified as a milestone haha

Age: 22 Months!  Cannot believe the next post will be when you're 2! 

Stats: 24 lbs ish

Clothes: 12-18 months and a few 18-24 

Favorite Foods: Out of no where you've become the pickest eater, EVER.  No eggs, no meat, nothing with questionable texture... Seriously kid, you hardly eat anything.  Your current favs are craisens, cereal (kashi berry fruitful is your current fav), anything snack related (you're obsessed with these new organic fruit and veggie bars by plum).  You do, however, still love spaghetti and pasta salad!

Favorite Words: You are pretty much brilliant. (I know, every mom says that ;)) You don't speak hardly at all, but you understand 100% of what we say and do what we ask 90% of the time.  You still say little things here and there.  For example, we were out to lunch and I asked you to eat your quesadilla.  You straight up said, "I don't want the quesadilla," like it was nothing... 

Favorite Activities: Painting, coloring, playing with your trains, but your all time favorite activity right now is playing outside!  You're obsessed with your lawn mower and push it around outside & throughout the house.
You also love to play with your sister

and you LOVE to read :) 

Least Favorite Activities: Having your diaper changed & you really dislike time out!

Favorite Things: Tiggee, blankie, your book, "Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site," your lawn mower, playing with your train set (which was supposed to be your 2nd birthday gift, but you and daddy got to excited and put it together), your rain boots, which you wear 99% of the time, and your puffer vest, which you think that if you put it on, it magically means you get to go outside lol!  You also have a slight obsession with your 'Cars' socks.  As pictured above, you like to wear one of each car, never the matching pair...  Bean, you are seriously the cutest! 

Signature Moves: 
-Your newest sig move is organizing your toys!  (mama's proud!)  You line them up in straight lines, organize them by size or color, it is seriously cute!
-You hate messes.  You pick up trash to put in the trash can all the time & get upset when a mess is made.  For example, Grandma Jonna dropped a cracker on the ground and stepped on it.  You stood & pointed to the cracker until it was completely picked up.  (such a good boy ;))
-You're obsessed with cars, especially red ones.  (Probably because you love Lightning McQueen so much lol)
-You still tuck your paci leash behind the paci under your nose, it's adorable.  If I give you a paci without a leash to tuck, you won't accept it haha
-You say 'mmmmm' every time you eat, its so cute!

Mom's 'Proudest' Moment:  I accidentally woke you up by checking on you at 3 am.  I gave you a kiss, you woke up & refused to go back to sleep.  We ended up watching Frozen twice.

Dad's 'Proudest' Moment:  You and daddy were having a pillow stand off (you attack each other with pillows on the couch) and daddy accidentally knocked you off the couch!  Don't worry, you were okay ;)

Other Milestones: You do an amazing job pointing out all the hidden things in your ispy book!  You're making us so proud little smarty pants! 
You also know a few colors & can complete all your little puzzles on your own!  Smarty pants :) 

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