Thursday, February 27, 2014

Premie Favorites

When we brought Ellia home from the hospital, she was 4 lbs 11 oz... Teeny Tiny!  None of her socks fit, all of her hats drooped over her eyes, basically, she was SWIMMING in all of her NB clothing.  We had no choice but to go out and find some little pieces for her to wear until she put on some weight.

For those that don't know, our OB knew Ellia was going to small.  The high risk assessed that she was considered below the 3rd percentile for her gestational age.  Knowing this, I did a little research before her birth so we would have something for her to wear in the hospital.  I settled on this outfit:

I would recommend this Kickee Pants Gown to anyone!  The fabric is so soft, you won't regret choosing it as your newborns first outfit :)  I chose it because reviews stated that this brand runs a little small.  I would call it true to size.  NB sizing typically means up to 7 lbs, if not longer.   Needless to say, it was my favorite first outfit for her.

Here are my other staples for our teeny girls first 2 months :)

I considered each one of these a MUST during the first month!  They were the only outfits that didn't seem to swallow her up!
Side Snap Shirt
Socks I chose these over other socks because they're skinnier (if that makes sense).  While every other NB sized sock we tried fell off E's foot, these stayed on :)
Hat This was the only brand that didn't slump down and cover Ellia's face.  The last thing you want is a hat drooping down so low it covers your NB's nose!

I put this together because I could have used to some outfit advice when our high risk doctor first told us Ellia was going to be a small baby!  I hope this helps all you mama's with premie's or just teeny little babes :)


  1. Preemie clothes make me just die. If our little NICU babes didn't have to worry about so many things I'd totally put them in adorable outfits all day long. (We stick to sleepers and onesies...still totally adorable, though!) true confession: 4-5 lb babes are my favorite size and I secretly hope my future munchkins fall in that range!! As long as they're healthy, of course. :)

  2. Ellia is the sweetest, she's such a pretty little girl! Love the purple gown. xo