Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ellia is One Month Old!

 Sweet little Ellie Bellie, how can you possibly already be a month old??  You have fit so perfectly into our lives and there are no words to describe how much we love you :)

Weight: We see the doctor Wed. so we'll know then, but I'm guessing our sweet girl is finally back up to her birth weight and maybe even closing in on 6 lbs :)

Height: Will update after dr appointment

Clothing size: Premie shirts and leggings, but you've gotten too long for your premie sleep & plays, so you've moved up to the NB size, even though they're pretty baggy...  There's a few nb outfits (mostly Baby Gap) that look HUGE.  I imagine you'll be in the NB size for quite some time.

Diaper size: Newborn

Cutie Pa Tootie :)
Feeding: Breast milk.  Breast feeding has gone completely differently this time!  Unlike Beckett, Ellia immediately latched on and we haven't had any problems.  I will try to write a post on our breast feeding experiences in the near future, but right now all I can say is heat compressions have been a saving grace!

Milestones:  Sleeping through the night!  Because of your size, our pediatrician wants us waking you every 4 hours at night to make sure you're getting adequate nutrition, but there have been a few nights I've been so exhausted I've forgotten to set an alarm and you slept 6-8 hours.  Talk about amazing!  & let it be known, you don't appreciate being woken for your nightly feedings.  Most nights it takes a good 20 minutes for me to wake you up enough to eat.  Hoping we get the okay to let you sleep through the night at our next appointment!  
You are also holding your head up like a champ!  Even at our appointment 2 weeks ago our pediatrician commented on your strength.  
You are so alert!  You love looking around and I love watching your surprised & curious expressions :) 
For a baby that was classified as a premie, you sure are making big strides!

Loves: You are such a little snuggle bug!  As long as you're being held, you're a happy camper :) You love being carried in the KTan, being swaddled up tighter than a burrito & I just know you're going to love all the hugs and kisses you get from your big brother :) 

Dislikes: You aren't particularly thrilled about not being held.  Generally, as long as you're in someones arms all nice & cozy, you're a happy camper :)  You also don't like the paci... You would much rather use me in place of it lol although, that's not a habit I'm okay with you developing!

Adventures: You went to meet Santa, went Black Friday shopping & helped me make some sales at a craft show!  For a one month old, you've ventured out quite a bit!

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: Your grandparents! :)  They've all been so helpful through this first month!  & a shout out to my mom, who's helped me with laundry, washed more dishes than I care to share, and helped keep Beckett entertained on days that I feel like I need a break.  We're so fortunate to have your grandparents in such close proximity to us :) 

those forehead wrinkles, swoon!