Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Beckett's 16 & 18 month updates :)

18 Months

Age: 18 Months!

Stats: ALMOST 22 lbs ;)  

Clothes: 12-18 months and a few 18-24 

Favorite Foods: Meatballs, banana's, and you've become as obsessed with waffles as I am!  Smart boy :) 

Favorite Words: Hello, Dada, Lola, Ellia (which sounds like Elyah lol)  You will say other words, but only on your time, you refuse to repeat something after you've said it, stubborn much?  Oh yeah, and you still will only yell mom or mama over the baby monitor, NEVER to my face, it's making me crazy! 

Favorite Activities: Building with blocks, vrooming your cars around, reading, organizing mommy and daddy's bath products in the shower, organizing the water bottle cabinet, chasing the dogs, and playing in your play room :)  Daddy installed a video camera in the playroom, so now you can play in there all by yourself while I feed Ellia.  You absolutely love the independence & I love the peace and quiet during feeding time ;)

Least Favorite Activities: Having your diaper changed... You throw a fit 9/10 diaper changes.  You're far too busy... ain't nobody got time for that ;)

Favorite Things: Your blocks, car toys, Cars the movie (you bring the case to me asking to watch it at least once a day), dance parties with Daddy in the bathroom, bath time, your teepee, & giving kisses (which is one of my favorite things)

Signature Moves: You like answering other peoples phones, you've answered grammies a few times and had some lengthy conversations with her friends haha
You love to give hugs and kisses!
You have some of the cutest dance moves I've ever seen.  You can't help but bust a move if there's music on!
You're still obsessed with your paci clip... Something about it is so comforting to you :) 

Mom's 'Proudest' Moment: I seem to be forgetting diaper bag essentials on just about every outing we make... Whether it be forgetting your sippy, paci, diapers or wipes, there always seems to be something missing!  Let's blame it on pregnancy brain ;) 

Dad's 'Proudest' Moment: Daddy showed you feeding the dogs...  Now we have to kennel them during dinner time, otherwise, you take it upon yourself to feed them a second dinner!

Other Milestones: You learned how to climb up to the window sill in the family room... We have Lola to thank for that!

16 Months
Little Beckett Bean you are the light of my life.  Your sweet little giggle and your precious little grin are just a few of the things that make me smile from day to day :)  I can't help but take a few minutes every night before you go to bed to just hold you.  The last few nights you've let me rock you just like how I did when you were itty bitty and words can't describe what it means to me.

The highlight of your day, every day, is when daddy get home.  You cannot wait to wrap your little arms around his neck :)  It is, in fact the sweetest thing I have ever witnessed!  Lately, you and daddy work on learning your letters for about 30 minutes a night and I truly think it is your favorite part of the day!

You're so independent for a little guy, you want to do EVERYTHING on your own.  It's made for a few power struggles, but nothing we're not able to work through :)

You also love your animals!  The dogs never fail to put a smile on your face and I can't help but laugh when you laugh at their silly behavior!  I love seeing that our dogs bring as much joy to you as they do to me :)  You are also a huge fan of Grandma Jojo's kitty.  You just love to snuggle up and rub your face in her fur :)

Beckett bean, in just 2 short months you're going to be a big brother!  And we just know that sweet baby Ellia has the best brother out there :)  We love you baby boy!

Age: 16 Months!

Stats: 21ish lbs  You're a little guy :)

Clothes: 12-18 months

Favorite Foods: FRUIT.  BANANA, watermelon, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are you all tim favs.  You also love waffles, just like your mama and never turn down a bowl of cherrios with yogurt.  You also like green beans, sweet potatoes, any kind of meat and when you're teething you can't get enough popsicles!  They're your favorite :) 

Favorite Words: Hello takes the cake!  You say 'heh-woh' about a million times a day :)  That and 'bubble'... I'm not sure how that became a favorite, but if you're speaking, chances are you saying Heh-woh or bubble, which really sounds more like babble ;)

Favorite Activities: Climbing EVERYTHING.   Throwing stuff, chasing the dogs around in circles, talking on the phone (and you use just about everything you own as a phone... from a book to a block) 

Least Favorite Activities: We have established the word 'NO' and you hate to hear it.  It sends you into a toddler sized tantrum, which is far from enjoyable.  One morning you decided you didn't want your socks and shoes on, so you screamed for 25 minutes straight.  I'm fairly certain you forgot why you were mad and ended up crying just because you knew you were mad about something.  Hoping these incidents become less frequent!  We know our reactions to these outbursts will shape your future behavior, so we are doing our best to keep our calm :)  

Favorite Things: Tiger, your A&A Dream blankie, any car toys, building blocks, popsicles, throwing food to the dogs when you think we aren't looking, your swing, answering the phone, and ripping all of your clothes out of their drawers.

Signature Moves: 
Everything is a phone to you!  You name it, remotes, blocks, the baby moniter... if it slightly resembles a phone, you pick it up and ever so sweetly ask, "heh-woh??" And the few times you've actually gotten your hands on a phone you have managed to call Grammy Sally... We're still not sure how you figured that out!

You will refuse the paci if it's given to you without it's ribbon clip because you HAVE to tuck the ribbon in between your nose and paci and rub it.  It's adorable :)  You also love your Tiger and Blanket for bedtime.

When you get mad, you walk or scoot backwards and it is the funniest and cutest thing ever!  

Mom's 'Proudest' Moment: I gave you sweet potatoes one night without realizing they had gone bad.  You got so sick and I felt like the worst person in the world!  You got even with me by vomiting all over me right after I had gotten out of the shower.  

Dad's 'Proudest' Moment: Daddy taught you how to climb out of your pack & play... He was very proud, until he realized we won't be able to use it as a short term babysitter anymore!


  1. I swear I forget to pack something for Macy almost every time we go out too! He's getting so big! And so handsome!

  2. He is a lil guy!!! B is now a big boy! 32lbs! Wth he's going to be carrying me soon!