Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Miss E is 9 months!

Weight: I'll post after her appointment

Height: I'll post after her appointment

Clothing size: We're finally sneaking into 6-12 months!  Although, her 12 month pj's still seem HUGE.

Diaper size: 3's

5 oz between 5-6
fruit and puffs (which you absolutely love!) between 8-9
5 oz before your 10:00 nap
veggies and puffs when you wake up around noon
5 oz bottle when you go back down for a nap at 3 
dinner when you get up around 5 ( you LOVE Ella's chicken dinner, so more often than not, that's your dinner)  

-You spoke your first word, big girl!!  You chant "Mama, mama, mama..." all day long and I love it :)  (a big difference from your brother whose first word was 'woof')
-YOU SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!  Twelve hours to be exact!  & you slept in your crib, another big feat!  Generally you end up in our bed between 11 & 2 and I get elbowed in the face and kicked in the stomach repeatably for the rest of the night.
-You've officially mastered the army crawl!

-You're able to pull yourself up... Slow down little one!


-You frickin love puffs.  You can't shove them in your mouth fast enough!
-Your brother makes you laugh hardest!  Whether he's sneaking up with a "Boo!", playing with your toys with you, or making funny faces, you're always in stitches :)
-You're a huge fan of our new kitten, Knox.  You try to ninja grab her every time she walks by... Thankfully, she's a little saint and loves you enough to put up with it ;)
-You love any toy your brother plays with!  Trains, cars, blocks... If he's played with it, you want it.

You are as happy as can be!  Though, you're not so keen on having your diaper changed. 

Costco... Target and of course the mall ;)

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: Naptime!  & hylands teething tablets... they really do bring you so much comfort while teething :)

You are so your own little person and I absolutely love seeing how your grow each month!  I can't believe you're already 9 months and that I already need to start planning your first birthday party. (enter sob here.)

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  1. I love them so much it's like they are mine!