Friday, April 25, 2014

Ellia is 5 months!

This month felt like it sped by.  I blinked and you were 5 months!  Cannot believe you're almost half a year old sweet cheeks!  May this month be as fabulous as the last, we love you sweet Ellia!

Weight: 12 lbs 

Height: not sure

Clothing size: 0-3 months and I'm trying to mix in some 3-6 month when I can :) 
(I'm selling a few things via my work instagram @jumpingandjellybean.  I bought quite a few things last summer before we knew E would be a little peanut, most of which won't fit.  Check it out if you're interested :))

Diaper size: 1 & 2's at night

Feeding: You're eating 3-4 ounces every 3 hours and we've now started you on cereal!  We're using happy baby brown rice cereal.  Ellia likes prunes & every Ella's pureed pouch we've introduced!  So far she's not a picky eater :)  

You giggled and rolled over for the first time!  
You're also quite the chatty cathy!  You talk all day long :) 
You now take three 2 hour naps every day in your crib, which I love! 
Oh and you blow bubbles all. the. time.  You're officially the best bubble blower ever.  You'll be giving us raspberry kisses in no time :)

Loves: You love watching your brother play, sitting in your bumbo, and when we sit & talk to you :)  You have so much to say sweet girl!  
You also love cereal time, you get excited for it every morning! 
You are such a sweet heart Ellia!

Dislikes: Any loud noise whatsoever.  Especially sneezing... a sneeze can send you straight to tears!
You've gotten pretty attached to your mama, sweet thing!  You very much dislike being passed off, and while I love that you're soooo my girl, it's a bit exhausting at times.  (I guess that's a mommy dislike ;))

Adventures: We met our sweet friend Ashley from instagram and went to the mall :) We actually had quite a few mall adventures this month! I'm just warming you up for our future shopping dates ;)

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: You got your first cold this month  (It knocked down Beckett and mama too)  which was awful!  Little Remedies, the Crane humidifier, and the Boogie Sucker all got us through!  You're also on an antacid for your silent reflux, which has helped you a ton!  You're hardly ever fussy, you're eating more, and keeping down what you eat, yay! 

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  1. Cutest baby girl ever!!!! Text me where the leggings are from please!!!

    1. They're a fabulous target find! :)