Friday, August 30, 2013

26 Weeks!

How far along? 26 weeks! 
Total weight gain: 13 lbs.  
Maternity clothes? Not yet, but my favorite white shorts are starting to feel tight so I might have to bust some out soon!
Stretch marks? Not yet!  My stomach feels so stretched, I feel like I might get some! 
Sleep: I have trouble going to sleep, but once I'm asleep I'm generally out for the count :)  I hope this lasts!
Best moment this week:  Going to the One Republic concert at Red Rocks was certainly a highlight!  And holy ravioli am I out of shape... I thought I was going to die while walking up the insane number of stairs to the theater.
Another highlight is baby girls increase in movements.  When I first started feeling her movements, I was feeling them all the time... and then out of no where, they stopped & I would only feel about 1 tiny nudge a day.  This went on for about a week & sent my anxiety through the roof, but it turns out her positioning was at fault and now she's now wiggled her way back to the front of my belly, so I feel her all the time :)  Nothing feels more amazing than little baby kicks!
Miss Anything? Not really :)
Movement: Look above^^
Food cravings: Lemonade (but I try to stay away from it since it gives me crazy heartburn), Raspberry Lemonade Gatorade (I buy Albertson's out of this flavor weekly... surprised they haven't started stocking more.) & Starbucks (Michael hates this craving... and he also hates that my drink takes an hour to order... Venti, iced, soy, half caf, 3 pump white mocha.  YUM)
Anything making you queasy or sick: It's random.  I'll love something one day and hate it the next.
Gender: Little Lady
Labor Signs: No.
Symptoms: Headaches and crazy idigestion.  Tums are my BFF.
Belly Button in or out? Out
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: I would say happy, but I'm sure Michael would say moody haha 
Looking forward to: Picking out goodies for your room little Jellybean!  Also getting excited for my first craft show this year coming up in October! 


  1. You look so pretty!! you have the cutest little bump! :)

  2. You make pregnancy look good! Super cute :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  3. Molly! Just to let you know that I nominated you for The Sunshine Blog Award! Check it out girl :)

  4. Awe I'm still dying from the cuteness of your baby bump. You're giving me baby fever! :)

  5. Cutest bump ever Molly!! How are you already 26 weeks, crazy!! Xo!

  6. You make me soooo excited to be pregnant again someday:) first, when and where is craft show? Second, love love that your still drinking coffee! I was still true to my coffee addiction when I was pregnant:)!!!